Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, you'll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about the path

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How long is the path? And do I need to do it all in one go?

The Wales Coast Path is 870 miles long and while some rare souls may choose to walk the whole path, for the majority of us, the beauty of the path is that you can simply walk whichever section(s) that appeal. Much of the path is within easy reach of our coastal towns and cities so access to the path is remarkably easy. Visit our Places to Go page to find a section that suits your requirements.

Do I need lots of walking gear?

Not always. We would always recommend checking your intended location in advance to judge what the terrain is likely to be and check what weather you might face. In the rural sections we would recommend a good pair of walking shoes or boots and, if it’s likely to be a wet day, some good waterproofs. (These do not need to be particularly hi-tech or expensive, just as long as the shoes give you good support and grip and the waterproofs keep you dry.) However, there are many stretches through our coastal towns and cities that can be enjoyed (weather dependent) without specialist clothing. Bear in mind that comfortable footwear is always recommended for walking. Additional items that can make a walk more pleasurable might include a rucksack, binoculars, map and some water.

How can I find out where to stay along the Path?

For ideas on places to stay along the Wales Coast Path, we recommend using Visit Wales accommodation finder.

Can I join up with any walks that explore inland?

All along the Path you will find trails which allow you to explore inland Wales. And more routes are planned which will link inland communities with the coastline. Some of these trails will also be suitable for cyclists.

Can I cycle on the Path?

Much of the Path is on Public Footpaths and other routes upon which cycling is trespassing unless specific permission has been granted by the landowner. In any case, the number of kissing gates and stiles involved would often make progress difficult.

However, all is not lost, as there are sections of the Path, and inland links, which have been specifically designed to cater for cyclists. There are some recommendations in the Cycling section.

Are there suitable sections for wheelchairs/prams?

There are stretches along the Wales Coast Path which have been specifically designed to provide an enjoyable and unchallenging experience. See Easy Access Walks and Piers and Promenades.