Natterjack Toad Walk, Flintshire

Get close to nature by following the distinctive calls of rare natterjack toads

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Start and Finish

Pay & Display Car parks at the end of Gamfa Wen road behind the Community centre., following the permissive high tide route signed with red arrows on the waymarker posts.


2 miles or 3 km 

Along the way 

Find the wooden notice board at the north end of the Gamfa Wen car park and go through the A frame and join the wooden boardwalk, this joins the Wales Coast Path, turn right following signs for ‘beach & attractions’. The wooden boardwalk turns into tarmac track leading you to the shops at Station Road then turn left up onto the embankment. A notice board here will show the tide time tables.

Turn left, heading west along the embankment, from here you should be able to see the red top of the lighthouse. Take the left fork down to the fenced off Natterjack toad breeding ponds, an interpretation panel on the embankment gives you information about the toads. From here the path is on grass and sand, pick up the red arrows heading west, over the sand ladder and continue to follow the arrow along the foot of the sand dune ridge.

In half a mile or so you’ll come across another fenced of Natterjack toad breeding area. If you are taking this walk at dusk in spring you will hear the breeding calls of the male toads, it can be deafening! The red arrows take you along an old concrete track, thought to have been built during the World War 2 when Talacre Dunes was a Spitfire firing range.

Take the left fork, up & over the humpbacked track go left at the T junction and then a flat straight route back to the car parks. To extend the walk simply head for the beach and miles of sandy shores, take care to stay up at the top of the beach as sinking sand is present at low tides.

Walk Highlights

Gruff Owen, Wales Coast Path Officer Highlights: 

"A gentle, circular walk that gets you close to nature with opportunities to join the Wales Coast Path to further extend your walk".

Need to know

  • This walk is not suitable for wheelchairs or buggies due to uneven terrain at certain points of the walk.
  • There is a nearby café and a couple of pubs at the start of this walk.
  • To extend your walk, simply head for the beach and miles of sandy shores, stay up at the top of the beach as sinking sand is present at low tides.
  • Download the North East Wales Digital Trail app for more things to do and places to visit in this area.

Itinerary and Map  

Download the Natterjack Toad Walk itinerary (PDF) and a route map (JPEG).

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