Celebrate St David’s Day on the Wales Coast Path

Our own acts of Welshness on the Wales Coast Path

Inspired by Visit Wales’ Random Acts of Welshness campaign — celebrating our patron saint and all things Welsh — we’re sharing our own acts of Welshness, to be celebrated on the Wales Coast Path this St David’s Day (1st of March).

From enjoying Welsh music and local produce along the Wales Coast Path to starting conversations in Welsh with passers-by — embrace the magnificent Welsh coastline and everything it has to offer this St David’s Day.

1. Greet passers-by with a ‘Shwmae’.

Greeting passers-by with a simple ‘Shwmae’ and a smile on your next adventure along the Wales Coast Path could really make someone’s day. Studies show that saying a simple ‘hello’ can increase people’s mood — plus, it’s a great way to start a Welsh language conversation if you’d like to practice, or even give it a go for the first time

2. Incorporate a visit to a nearby castle along your route.

You’re never far from a cultural encounter while on the Wales Coast Path — and what better way to immerse yourself in Welsh history than a visit to one of Wales’ 427 castles?

The walled town of Conwy on the north Wales coast boasts 22 towers just waiting to be explored. Wales is also spoilt for choice when it comes to World Heritage Sites, and you’ll catch two of them along the Llŷn Peninsula — the magnificent Caernarfon Castle and Harlech Castle.

3.  Close the gates behind you.

Whether you’re horse riding on the Gower Peninsula, cycling along designated sections of the National Cycle Network or simply walking the dog — be sure to close every gate behind you. Not only are you showcasing your respect for the path by adhering to this rule — you’re also keeping our furry Welsh friends safe in their fields and paddocks.

4. Have a picnic, made up of local Welsh produce.

What better way to spend a sunny day than on the Wales Coast Path with a homemade picnic, using the finest Welsh ingredients?

From the vast sandy beach to its dramatic lighthouse and sand dunes — Talacre Beach on the north Wales coast is the perfect picnic spot. And if you’re planning a day out in south-west Wales, lay your picnic blanket along West Angle Bay in Pembrokeshire. You might even spot some rare Cushion Starfish that reside there.

5. Pick up your rubbish.

There’s nothing worse than seeing some of our favourite landscapes scattered with rubbish. So whether you’re enjoying a light snack along Cardiff Bay Barrage or picnicking around the Pembrokeshire coast — keep Wales’ environment clean by carrying your rubbish to the nearest bin, or taking it home with you. This will make everyone’s Wales Coast Path experience a much more enjoyable one

6. Make a Welsh music playlist the soundtrack to your next walk.

Historically associated with folk music, modern Welsh music is a thriving, eclectic scene of folk, rock, pop and electronic music.

From rising stars such as Mared and Gwilym to established Welsh favourites like Bryn Fôn and Caryl Parry Jones — we’re sure a Welsh music playlist will have you walking, running, dancing and everything in-between along the Welsh coast.

7. Support local businesses.

Whether you fancy an ice cream or pint in the sun, a cup of coffee to warm you up or the best fish and chips in the area — there are plenty of local businesses along the Wales Coast Path and its surrounding areas.

Local businesses often have a smaller carbon footprint than larger companies — meaning your purchases are a win-win both for the environment and the business owners this St David’s Day.


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