Porthkerry Park to the Knap, Vale of Glamorgan

Let the younger ones enjoy the playground in the park before enjoying a seaside stroll

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Start and Finish

Porthkerry Country Park to The Knap


3 miles or 5 km

Along the way

This is a fun walk with lots of things for younger visitors to see and do. Before you get going, have a good look around the lush grounds of Porthkerry Country Park. You’ll see the iconic viaduct that cuts across the park, plus an adventure playground and a range of interactive nature trails that tell the story of the park’s nature and history.

When you’re ready to move on, take the path down towards the pebble beach, turning eastwards to begin the long climb up the east cliff through Cliffwood. You’ll ascend a series of steps known as The Golden Stairs, so-called because legend says there is pirate treasure hidden below them.

After a well-earned rest at the top, continue along the cliffs before beginning to descend towards The Knap (Barry Island’s peaceful neighbour) past the ruins of a Roman building – a 3rd-century guest house (or mansio) once used by visitors arriving at the old harbour.

You’ll soon be on a sweeping pebble beach, which stretches all the way to the rocky promontory known as Cold Knap. Follow the promenade to this headland and you’ll be rewarded with fantastic sea views of Steep Holm and Flat Holm islands and the Somerset Coast on the far side of the Bristol Channel.

Walk Highlights  

Tricia Cottnam, Wales Coast Path Officer highlights: 
"The views of Flatholm and Steepholm from this walk are well worth looking out for, even if it does mean a bit of a climb up the golden stairs into Cliffwood. The beach here is also a must visit which, when tides allow stretches from the Knap to the west of Barry back to Porthkerry Country Park, which is architecturally, noted for the sixteen arch Porthkerry Viaduct".

Need to know

Itinerary and Map   

Download the Porthkerry Park to the Knap itinerary (PDF) and a route map (JPEG)

Image credit:  Porthkerry Viaduct supplied by Vist the Vale

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