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Distance tables

We have received many enquiries about how far it is between various places on the Wales Coast Path. These tables give distances between over 200 locations.

To avoid them being as big as the table you eat off, we have produced eight tables - one for each of the eight regions - available in miles or kilometres.

Where there are official alternative routes the distances have been calculated along the one which is closest to the sea. Information about alternatives that are longer or shorter than the given figure is included in the top left of the tables.

Distances have been rounded, up or down, to the nearest mile or kilometre. 

Anyone adding up the total distance may notice that it amounts to 877 miles or 1411 kilometres - slightly longer than the official distance of 870 miles or 1400 kilometres.However, we expect this figure to reduce as planned realignments come into effect. The tables will be revised when this happens. 


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